Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


A binding order must always be in writing. The order may be delivered by email, post or in person. Framework orders are also possible, i.e., orders for a longer period of time with continuous performance in certain deadlines.

The order must include the full business name of the buyer, company registration number, VAT registration number, banking information, phone number, method of delivery, goods specification in accordance with the offer, quantity, date of delivery and transport instructions.

When ordering the assembly of a new type of printed circuit, the order must also include data required for the preparation of input for production.

In case of a repeated production of a previously produced printed circuit, it is not necessary to enclose data or any further specification of the printed circuit to the order.

The seller commits to confirm the order in writing within 48 hours after its receipt. The confirmation shall include the name of goods, quantity, prices, date of delivery and transport method.

They buyer may cancel the order in writing. If the buyer cancels the order after it has been confirmed in writing by the seller and if the seller incurs costs, the buyer shall cover these costs upon request from the seller within 30 calendar days after receiving a notice from the seller.

The order also becomes binding after it is approved by both parties.

The seller commits to deliver properly ordered goods to the buyer in the order amount and within the confirmed deadline. Goods shall be considered delivered upon their transfer to the first carrier; the buyer shall accept properly and timely delivered goods and pay for the goods within the agreed deadline.

If the buyer refuses to accept delivered goods without reason, they shall cover all transport expenses. This provision does not affect the right to damage compensation, which shall be charged in full.

The agreed delivery deadline shall be extended for the time necessary for removal of an obstacle preventing the delivery of goods, if this obstacles was not caused by the seller and the seller is not responsible for it. Obstacles preventing the delivery of goods in accordance with the previous sentence do not refer to preparation of new goods and updating of technical data.

Payment Conditions

The buyer commits to pay the purchase price for the accepted goods in the amount specified in a properly delivered invoice of the seller and shall do so before the maturity date via a bank transfer to the seller’s account specified in the issued tax document. The invoice shall be considered paid upon crediting of the invoiced amount to the seller’s account. Otherwise the invoice shall not be considered properly and duly paid.

In case of a late payment, the buyer shall pay a contractual fine to the seller in the amount of 0.05 % from the purchase price of goods for each business day of the delay, provided that the buyer requires its payment. This does not affect the right to claim damage compensation.

Unless agreed otherwise, the maturity date of invoices is 14 days.

Delivery Conditions

The obligation of the seller to deliver goods shall be considered met upon making the goods available to the buyer in the buyer’s plant or handing them over to the designated carrier. Transport costs are covered by the buyer.

Printed circuit boards are dispatched in carton boxes. The delivery includes the “Quality Certificate” that specifies the type and quantity of printed circuit board and is used as a document for warranty claims.

Goods may be picked up in persons, sent via post or a public carrier service.

Warranty Claims

In case of warranty claims for the delivered goods, both parties (the seller and the buyer) proceed in accordance with the Commercial Code. The “Quality Certificate”, which is part of each goods delivery, needs to be sent together with the defective goods. The seller provides a warranty for delivered goods for 6 months (unless agreed otherwise by the parties) starting from the date of delivery. The warranty does not apply to goods that were damaged by unprofessional modification after sale. In case of a justified warranty claim, the buyer is entitled to the replacement of the defective goods, discount from the purchase price or, if the delivery of defective goods represents a significant breach of the contract, the buyer is authorized to withdraw from the contract as per §345 and following of the Commercial Code. Warranty claims must be applied in writing. The deadline for processing of a warranty claim is 30 days after the delivery of a warranty protocol, unless the buyer and the seller agree otherwise. Warranty claims regarding the quantity and type of product may be applied within 2 business days after receiving the delivery.


We offer contractual prices for PCB assembly. We will prepare a price offer immediately after receiving the documentation and PCB specification. The minimum order value for PCB assembly is CZK 500 for single sided PCB.