Automatic PCB assembly

Automatic PCB assembly

Automatic assembly

The quality of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly with electronic components is one of the priorities of LAMBERT ELECTRONIC. We are a young, dynamically developing company that uses modern production technologies and together with our experienced team we ensure the excellent quality of our products. Assembly of printed circuit boards is carried out using automatic assembly machines made in Japan by YAMAHA (TOPAZ) with more than 300 feeding positions, high assembly precision and camera focusing with the option to assemble at least 30,000 components per hour.

Automatic output inspection

In order to be able to provide our customers with the best quality, we use a cutting-edge automatic optical system by SAKI Corporation, Japan – the BF Comet.

The automatic optical inspection (AOI) between operation is done after assembly of SMD components and after complete assembly including THT components.

Tests are carried out using various levels of electric testers, including testers provided by our customers or our own. Each product including the cable assembly is electrically tested before it is packed and dispatched. Upon request from the client, the output inspection workplaces also install firmware and test live operation.

Application of soldering paste by JB dispenser

Printing is carried out using a high-quality metal laser or etched potter on the A 23 screen printed device by PBT with fully automatic operation and 2D optical print inspection. Our version of screen printing allows printing of up to 500 × 450 mm formats with a wide spectrum of adjustable parameters. For economic reasons, we use DISPENZER – JBE 1113-LF for customers who need prototype production.

Remelting of REFLOW soldering paste

Remelting of soldering paste via the REFLOW method is carried out using a HELLER 1707 MKIII machine. The REFLOW furnace allows individual configuration of 14 heating chambers with precise temperature settings that guarantee the highest quality of connection of assembled components. It is possible to set remelting profiles in the REFLOW furnace for the used leaded and unleaded soldering pastes, components, glues or multi-layer DPS.

PCB cleaning

Assembled PCBs are cleaned using the Czech-made automatic cleaning device DCT INJET 388 CRD with active filtration and separate maintenance of demineralized water. For applications that require ultrasound cleaning we use the REECO ultrasound cleaner, which is filled with a high-quality, efficient and gentle liquid intended for PCBs by Henkell.

Storage of SMD/SMT components and PCBs

Before assembly, PCBs are dried in the Ghibli II/1200L drying box, which is also used to store SMD, SMT components. This box complies with the IPC standard. It is designed for storage of components sensitive to humidity and is equipped with built-in monitoring of relative humidity.

PCB varnishing

Varnish is applied on PCBs using the F5200N portal robot by FISNAR. The work area of the robot is 200 × 200 mm and it operates with an accuracy of 0.001 mm.