European Quality PCB Assemblies

Do you need to implement or finish your electronic project but lack a wider range technologies?

Development of HW and SW electronics
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Designing electrical solutions and PCB, constructional solutions, firmware development...

Automatic PCB assembly
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Production capacity: approximately 5 to 7 thousand PCB a month, 33,000 components a day.

Manual THT assembly
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Classic components and non-standard SMD components are assembled in our manual workplace.

AOI inspection
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Inspection after the Reflow process, inspection of THT component assembly...

Cable assembly
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Cable cutting, contact crimping, insulation stripping and tin coating of conductors, knotting...

We manufacture components for all industries

Ultralight aircraft

We manufacture components for FLAPS, landing lights, hydraulic control chassis and positional strobes.

Mechanical engineering

We supply complete electronic control elements including configuration of systems and production of cable assembly.

Ultralight aircraftMechanical engineeringEnergy industryPlatform systems

Energy industry

We have experience with special cable assembly, high-voltage probes and data buses. All our products meet the strict requirements of the given industry.

Platform systems

We have experience not only with deliveries of complete system and cable assemblies, but also with transfer of data via a single wire, i.e., using powerline modules.

Advantages of working with us

European quality European quality
Reasonable prices Reasonable prices
Keeping deadlines Keeping deadlines
Individual approach Individual approach
State-of-the-art technologies and materials State-of-the-art technologies and materials

Our products

In addition to tailor-made production in accordance with the client’s needs, we also offer our own products.

Other products